B.B. King Suffered A Heart Attack And May Be A Victim Of Elder Abuse

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Blues legend B.B. King is currently hospitalized as a result of a minor heart attack, and TMZ is reporting that King’s daughter, Patty, has made multiple damning allegations against the guitarist’s manager, Laverne Toney, who just happens to have power of attorney over King. The allegations include elder abuse and burglary.

After Patty called Las Vegas police Thursday because she thought her dad needed to be hospitalized, Toney allegedly refused to let King receive medical help. After paramedics arrived, they determined that King absolutely needed help and brought him to a Las Vegas hospital, where it was discovered the musician had suffered a minor heart attack. Patty took a harrowing photo of her father’s state to communicate how serious his condition is.

This past November, Patty and her husband filed a police report against Toney, citing elder abuse and burglary. According to the report, Toney and her assistant scammed King out of $20-30 million, withheld medications while King was on tour, and stole multiple Rolex watches. Patty is currently speaking with attorneys to remove Toney as King’s power of attorney.

This is really heartbreaking to see, especially as a guitarist who grew up listening to and learning King’s songs. Sure, he’s lost a bit of his touch, but for an 89-year-old, he can still play better than most guitarists today.

(Via TMZ; h/t Stereogum)