Beach House’s Self-Directed ‘Chariot’ Video Is A Dreamy Look Back At The Kennedy Era

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When dream pop duo Beach House announced their upcoming B-Sides And Rarities compilation, they made it clear that it isn’t going to be a record of lesser songs. “Over the years, as we have worked on our 6 LPs, it wasn’t the ‘best’ or most catchy songs that made the records, just the ones that fit together to make a cohesive work,” the group said in a statement. “Accordingly, our B-sides are not songs that we didn’t like as much, just ones that didn’t have a place on the records we were making.”

That much is proven with “Chariot,” the lead track of the record that was recorded during the sessions for 2015’s Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars. In terms of quality, the dreamy cut would have fit right in on either record, but ultimately, it was a victim of circumstance. The album comes out on June 30th, but ahead of that, the duo has released a self-directed music video for the song, and it’s a real love letter to the early ’60s, specifically the John F. Kennedy era.

The video was simply made — it appears to be a video of a projection screen, and some lyrics pop up on occasion — but it’s effective, much like the compositionally uncomplicated but sonically impactful song it is visualizing. It’s all about the vibe.

Watch the “Chariot” video above.

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