Beach House Gives An Eye-Opening Performance Of ‘Drunk In LA’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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It’s not a new thing for Beach House to get rave reviews. In fact, every album that the Baltimore duo has ever released has been praised, with some like Teen Dream, Bloom, and Depression Cherry being considered among the very best albums of their era, and the others certainly finding their own share of enthusiastic advocates. But still, something feels different about 7, released last week on Sub Pop. It’s not just that the album seems universally adored, it’s the pitch in which the adoration is coming. In short, it is being treated like a masterpiece.

To see Beach House perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, you wouldn’t know anything had changed. The band was its stoic and stunning selves playing in front of wide-eyed projections last night. The song choice, “Drunk In LA,” is one of the songs from the record that doesn’t sound like a departure from previous work, though it still feels like it could easily find its place among their strongest selects. And a small shoutout needs to go to Victoria Legrand’s sharp new haircut, which feels extremely camera-ready when compared to the casual look of her bandmates.

Check out the wonderful Beach House performance of “Drunk In LA” above, and look for 7 in record stores now.

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