The Game Claims Meek Mill ‘Knocked Out’ Beanie Sigel After Helping Him Write ‘OOOUUU’ Diss

This whole Meek Mill vs The Game “beef” is proving itself to be a whole lot messier than a baby’s unchanged disaper. First Beanie Sigel was all about helping Meek Mill finish The Game by hopping on Meek’s “OOOUUU” diss aimed at Jayceon. The two were even on Instagram together, guffawing and having a great time while the record blasted in the studio.

Obviously, this prompted Game to diss Beanie with “Ha! You’re old!” taunts and other crap like that. Game also alleged that B. Mack was in the studio helping the head Dreamchaser write his diss record. Well, in a turncoat move not seen since Judas flipped on Jesus, Beanie Sigel is now saying that everything’s cool between him and The Game and that the Compton rapper was actually right with his ghostwriting allegations. Yes, the accuser has become the accused. Cue the dramatic music.

“He didn’t say anything to get me on the track,” Beans explained to Baltimore radio station 92 Q. about his role in the Meek/Game beef. “I just happened to come in the studio and helped him out with some lyrics.” Beans distanced himself even further, claiming that he’s been cool with Game for years and was just putting on for his city, adding, ” Me and Game had a good relationship for years. That’s a Game and Meek Mill beef. I’m just representing for my city.”

And when asked to clarify that whole “helped him out with some lyrics,” thing, Beans left it all up for interpretation. “I don’t want to put that out there like that and discredit nobody for their skills.” Sounds like some under-the-bus throwing to me, but what do I know?

Meek MIll has yet to respond to Beans’ interview, but according to The Game, Meek replied by putting hands on the Broad Street bully. “So the young bull knocked out the old head cause he was drawlin at the jawn,” Game laughed in the Instagram clip. “N*ggas is crazy, man. N*ggas went and got Beans on a song to diss me. That didn’t do what y’all thought it was going to do and y’all went back to beat the legend? N*ggas is drawlin.”