It’s Lights Out For Meek Mill As Beanie Sigel Delivers His New Diss Track, ‘Goodnight’

If “I’m Coming” didn’t grab Meek Mill’s attention, “Goodnight,” Beanie Sigel’s latest diss track, very well should. The four-minute cut is the second time this week where the Broad Street Bully has taken aim at his Philly foe and he unloads. The bite that was missing from “I’m Coming,” well, it’s here for sure as Beans issues a stern warning to Meek: “Nigga, this only a stick up, Don’t turn it into an ambulance pick up.” Along the way, he reminds Meek and anyone listening who really put Philly on the map in rap. Homie went all the way in with his one lung.

“And I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me
To make the transition from the streets to the fame
You got a little fame and tried add street to your name
It ain’t the same
I’m battlefield tested, wounds all over my body
Where your scars at?
Ride for my n****s, willing to die
What’s your life like
Feel it in the air
What your bars like?
You ain’t been through shit, you can’t record that
The respect I get, n****, you can’t record that
You ain’t been through wars, holdin’ your boys cryin’
Might not make it back, but you ride? You lyin’
And that shit you write, it don’t excite me
I push your shit to the white meat
Don’t you ever think you’re like me”

Maybe Sigel didn’t take kindly to Meek laying claim to the idea he put on for Philly. For anybody who thought Beans was going to lay down and not fight, “Goodnight” is a clear sign that will not be the case.