Beanie Sigel Takes Aim At Meek Mill On New Diss Song, ‘I’m Coming’

Once again it’s on. We knew this was going to happen, the only question was when. Well, we finally have our answer and even with one lung, Sigel still knows how to set fire to an enemy in a way that only he can. It’s vicious, unrelenting, and doesn’t at all sound like the joke it very well could’ve been. Grant it, the artwork is right out of a comic book, but nobody’s perfect. He and Meek Mill can officially add this “beef” to their wikipedia pages.

Bigger the beef bigger the clip size
Home Depot trip duct tapes and zip ties
Was gonna leave it dead let sh*t slide
But n*ggas pushing my f*ck button I gotta f*ck up something
I’m thinking churches and hearses
ER trips IV drips and nurses

Ignoring the fact our first time hearing this comes courtesy of a radio edit, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Sigel. A lot of tough talk that doesn’t really get personal until the three minute mark. Nice wordplay, but nothing too crazy. That won’t matter though. This thing between he and Meek is personal with a lot of back and forth on who did what to who and how much spilled milk they should be crying over.

Hopefully the Philly boys give us some dope music out of this and maybe, just maybe, Meek lit a match under Beans to permanently bring him out of retirement. That would dispel the notion that he’s become Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon and just getting too old for this sh*t.