Did Beanie Sigel Really Use Ghostwriters For His Infamous Jadakiss Diss Song?

There’s one thing that’s sacred in hip-hop: writing diss records. For as long as we’ve known, rappers have always penned their responses to verbal attacks from their peers. From LL Cool J to Tupac to 50 Cent, the notion that someone else wrote their bars behind career-defining diss songs would be devastating. Enter Peedi Crakk, aka the killer of dreams, who says that Beanie Sigel had help penning his response to Jadakiss.

The former Roc-A-Fella rapper discussed the beef before dropping the bombshell during this interview. He talked about how hard it was to act like he hated Jadakiss when he was such a big fan and can’t pick who won in the end. After, he, randomly, puts it out there that Sigel didn’t necessarily write 100% of the lyrics we heard. As he tells it, Young Gunz were directly involved with the process.

“Oschino and [Young] Chris had wrote that with him, too,” Crakk begins. “They all wrote it together. Ask Oschino, he knows better than me. No, they did write that shit. They did, I remember. The wrote it together all of ’em.”

The extent of Oschino and Chris’ involvement is never fully brought up because Crakk doesn’t remember. He just knows that they helped with some lines here and there. “It wasn’t just him to the face,” Crakk says. “N***as definitely chimed in with certain little punches and shit.”

Does this discredit Beanie Sigel as a powerful lyricist? From the sound of it, Sigel still wrote the majority of the song. Being in a studio with several others who are just hyped as you, it’s possible to get those moments where someone drops a hot punchline worthy of using. Is it right to not give credit, though? If it was an album song, maybe it’d be a bigger deal. However, it’s not. This is a time before the internet was prominent, so it wasn’t like Sigel could’ve thrown credit their way. We see this one time, but how often do you think Sigel helped other artists on the Roc-A-Fella label?

Whatever the case may be, please let Sigel be the one to have written “I’m ’bout to sun kiss like a soda.” Don’t take that away from us!

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