Beanie Sigel Believes Meek Mill Dissed Drake Because Of Nicki Minaj

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When Beanie Sigel calls you and says he needs to get something off his chest, it’s best you give him the platform. The end result is an amazing in-depth interview on Taxstone’s latest podcast episode. It’s been a pretty hectic week for Sigel from siding with Meek against The Game to getting knocked out by someone in Meek’s camp. So, this hour and a half long interview is meant to explain everything in excruciating detail.

Like many other artists in the past, Sigel has his take on why Meek Mill initially took shots at Drake. Around the hour and 11 minute mark, he defends the ghostwriting and says he doesn’t mind it because Drake is saying some real stuff. Then, he questions why Meek really did it. “In my point of view, you was laying in the bed one night,” he begins. “You rolled over and you looked at her [Nicki Minaj] and you asked her, ‘did you f**k that n****?’ She ain’t answer you in the way you wanted to.”

The most interesting piece is his beef with Meek Mill. The issues stem deeper than ghostwriting allegations. Sigel begins by telling the story of how a promoter from South Philly reached out to him to book Meek Mill for a show for $100,000. If booked, Sigel would pocket $15,000 and perform. Not a bad payoff at all. However, once he put the two together there were problems in trying to secure the show. Since he was already a part of the situation, Sigel knew he had to step in. “He a real G from the hood,” he says about the promoter. “I had to get to the bottom of this since I’m involved. I have a relationship with this person. We go back to when I was 18, 19.”

Sigel reached out, but Meek was apparently passing the information to his managers and confusing the situation. “They work for you,” Sigel texted Meek. “You don’t work for them. You make the final decision. Either it’s a yes or no. We accept no like we accept yes.” Meek Mill took offense and told Sigel he felt he was disrespecting the way he does business. The two get on the phone to hash it out, but it doesn’t help. Sigel alludes that Nicki Minaj had something to do with Meek complicating the show booking, but refused to go into more detail.

From the sound of it, Beanie Sigel has always tried to look out for Meek Mill by not being a yes man. Unfortunately, Meek didn’t see it that way and that’s where the problem occurred. If you have two hours to kill, Beanie Sigel breaks it down in even more details. Check it all out below.