Beastie Boys’ Mike D Made A Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Bad Brains Mix You Can Dance To

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07.11.13 4 Comments

While Beastie Boys fans continue to impatiently wait for Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz’s forthcoming memoir (GIMME GIMME GIMME), they’ll have to make due with a mix Mike D made for, according to Consequence of Sound, fashion label Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014 show. (“Looking Down the Barrel of a Runway”?) It’s…unusual.

KENZINE: What inspired you when writing the music for the Kenzo show?

MIKE D.: Talking to Humberto, I wanted to honor what he was inspired by: American hardcore like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks but then I wanted to update it, or maybe couldn’t help but to update it.

K: Lots of your tunes are perfect to dance to, but in a fashion show, models walk. What rules do you need to respect when you want to write the perfect music to walk to?

M: I think I am more comfortable being ignorant of rules. (Via)

Alright (let’s) hear this.

(via Getty Image) (Via CoS)

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