Beastie Boys’ Mike D Made A Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Bad Brains Mix You Can Dance To

While Beastie Boys fans continue to impatiently wait for Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz’s forthcoming memoir (GIMME GIMME GIMME), they’ll have to make due with a mix Mike D made for, according to Consequence of Sound, fashion label Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014 show. (“Looking Down the Barrel of a Runway”?) It’s…unusual.

KENZINE: What inspired you when writing the music for the Kenzo show?

MIKE D.: Talking to Humberto, I wanted to honor what he was inspired by: American hardcore like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks but then I wanted to update it, or maybe couldn’t help but to update it.

K: Lots of your tunes are perfect to dance to, but in a fashion show, models walk. What rules do you need to respect when you want to write the perfect music to walk to?

M: I think I am more comfortable being ignorant of rules. (Via)

Alright (let’s) hear this.

(via Getty Image) (Via CoS)