Beastie Boys Are Getting Their Own Limited Edition Sonos Speaker This Christmas


Did you know that the first song ever played on a Sonos speaker was Beastie Boys‘ “No Sleep Til Brooklyn?” Today, things came full circle for the band and the brand as Sonos announced its limited edition Beastie Boys Sonos Play:5 created in collaboration with the iconic hip-hop collective and releasing just in time for Christmas.

The speaker is emblazoned with a stylized “Beastie Boys” graphic designed by artist Barry McGee and all proceeds of the speaker’s sales will help support Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock on behalf of the Adam Yauch Foundation, in memory of late band member MCA. It’s the first time in the group’s 39-year history they’ve collaborated with a brand, so it’s fitting that it would be a brand so closely tied to their musical legacy.

In the press release announcing the collaborationg, Ad-Rock praised the brand and reminisced on how the band got their start. ““When I grew up in New York, we’d discover new music anywhere from a DJ in a club, to a boombox in the street or subway, or a taxi driver’s radio—all of which involved leaving the house,” he said. “These days, with help from Sonos, you can access all the music you want at any time and in the highest fidelity, in your bathrobe and slippers, or your finest silk smoking jacket. Whatever you’re wearing, we look forward to hopefully turning you on to our custom-curated playlists — and thanks to Barry McGee, the source of the sounds will look just as sweet.”

The Sonos Play:5 Beastie Boys Edition will be available in December at $499. You can pre-order yours here.