Listen To The Premiere Of Beck’s New Single ‘Dreams’

Just a little more than a year after releasing the Grammy award winning Morning Phase, despite whatever Kanye West has to say, Beck is already back with new music from his 10th studio album. We got a snippet of “Dreams” last week, but now that the song has been released in full, we can finally can hear the true departure in sound it is from his most recent work.

Getting away from the straight-ahead folk rock of Morning Phase and Modern Guilt, “Dreams” hits on more of a psych rock feel and even funky tones. Co-produced by The Bird and The Bee’s Greg Kurstin and co-written by Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt (which might explain the return to a funkier sound), the track is not quite the sexy R&B found on 1999’s Midnite Vultures, but it’s certainly something that will move your hips more than anything on his previous two albums. Even the artwork subtly recalls the work of Prince. Either way, this new album is a return to a Beck we haven’t heard from for a while.

(Via YouTube)

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