Beck’s Cover Of ‘Billie Jean’ Isn’t As Embarrassing As It Could Be

05.01.14 4 years ago 5 Comments
mj thriller


Even a Micheal Jackson hater (yes, such monsters do exist) would have to admit “Billie Jean” is a perfect song. And because it’s so perfect, every Joe and Jane Karaoke thinks they can hee-hee it as well as MJ did. Well, they can’t and they shouldn’t even try, with one exception: if you’re Beck.

After singing “Blue Moon” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Beck performed an off-camera cover of the Thriller classic for the in-studio audience, complete with MJ-esque dance moves. I use “MJ-esque” very lightly, because I mean, it’s Beck. The only thing he has in common with Jackson is mutual hat-rocking abilities.

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