Bedouine Shares Gentle Acoustic Covers Of Elton John And Linda Perhacs Songs

Bedouine, real name Azniv Korkejian, dropped her self-titled debut album last year, and it was such a gentle and charming folk success that Spacebomb Records released a deluxe edition of the record later that year. She’s currently on the road with Bahamas (and will support Father John Misty this fall), and now she’s decided to share a pair of covers, one of Elton John’s “Come Down In Time” and another of Linda Perhacs’ “Hey, Who Really Cares?”

Both are stylistic matches to what we’ve come to expect from her: Delicate acoustic folk led by her subdued and comforting vocals. Korkejian also shared a statement about both songs, describing what she loves about each:

“‘Come Down In Time’ is a beautifully bizarre song. The instrumentation is incredible. It sounds like they’re all courting each other, so interwoven but everything perfectly in its nook. The lyrics are special too, especially the ending, the way it hangs in the air. It’s just an amazing song.

‘Hey, Who Really Cares?’ is my favorite Perhacs tune. How has this not been sampled? Or has it? It’d sound stunning with a backbeat. We were tempted to do that but were limited with time so we used an analog metronome and Gus performed the delay on the tape echo. I had the privilege of singing with Linda a few years back. Somebody sample this song!”

Listen to Bedouine’s renditions of “Come Down In Time” and “Hey, Who Really Cares?” above, and read our interview with Bedouine here.