Being Pregnant Will Not Stop Beyonce From Doing Her Damn Thang


Last night the video for Beyonce’s “Countdown” debuted on MTV. It’s sort of, well, mesmerizing, and features Beyonce channeling Audrey Hepburn, Marcel Marceau, and Jennifer Beals at various points.

It also features Beyonce doing a lot of what we’ve all become accustomed to Beyonce doing: shaking her ass, hips, legs — hell, her whole body — vigorously, even violently at times. But this time she’s pregnant, which got me to wondering — is this safe for the second coming of Jesus she’s carrying in side of her? Or is this just how superstars prepare their unborn children to be more talented than the rest of us the second they pop out of the womb?

(HT: The Hairpin)

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