Belly Has Been Up For ‘4 Days’ Stunting On His Past Skeptics With YG In His Latest Video

Canadian rapper Belly has been up for “4 Days” in his latest video with Compton rapper YG, but neither looks all that tired as they stunt on past skeptics and nonbelievers who doubted their present success. The clip is relatively straightforward, with standard performance shots in a neon-lit, red-walled interior, and pretty girls and fancy cars galore, but the track itself is the real highlight. It’s got a West Coast vibe that sounds right at home for YG, but Belly more than holds his own, spitting his trademark wordplay with a slick twist of his usual wordier flow.

The Jordanian-Palestinian rapper had one of the best straight-up rap projects of 2017 with Mumble Rap, but the project flew under the radar for many, likely owing to the name. Whether listeners worried he’d be delivering just that or spending multiple tracks complaining about the mush-mouthed favorite style of many up-and-coming Soundcloud rappers, many just overlooked it, which is a real shame, because what he delivered instead was a throwback project full of stealthily clever punchlines and swaggering, street-centric storytelling.

However, it appears he’s coming for the spotlight in 2018. He is clearly raising the profile of the guest appearances on his next, as-yet-untitled project, already posting a video of work on a song in progress with Jay-Z (who signed Belly after hearing his song “Up For Days”) and now bringing in guest feature extraordinaire YG, who recently lit up Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap debut album, on which Belly was also a guest. It looks like Belly is tired of flying under the radar and is ready to stake his claim among the biggest rappers in the game today.

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