Bernie Sanders Walked Out To Young Thug’s ‘Pick Up The Phone’ During A Campaign Rally

As the 2020 Presidential race heats up, candidates, Democrats or Republicans, are looking for any edge they can gain on the competition. Bernie Sanders, one of the 2020 Presidential candidates, is no exception to the rule.

Thursday night, Sanders had a campaign rally in Atlanta at Moorehouse College. Playing to the crowd and potentially gaining an edge over his competition, Sanders walked out to start the rally to the tune of Young Thug‘s “Pick Up The Phone.” The song features Travis Scott and Quavo, though at the Atlanta rally only Thug’s part of the song is heard. Check out a trio of videos uploaded to Twitter including Sanders at his rally at Moorehouse College Thursday night.

This isn’t the first time Sanders has involved himself within the hip-hop community. In August, Sanders sat down with Killer Mike and Cardi B, and during Sander’s 2016 Presidential bid hip-hop artists supported him as well. Thug, on the other hand, was recently included in our 2020 hip-hop breakouts piece based on this year’s Grammy nominations. In addition, Thug was part of the inaugural Day N Vegas hip-hop festival, while also performing and debuting new songs at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

Listen to “Pick Up The Phone” in the clip above.