Best Buy Has Informed Music Companies It Will Stop Selling CDs In July

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02.02.18 7 Comments

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The end of the CD format might be in sight as two major retailers are set to push for change in their relationship with the industry through the end of the year. According to Consequence of Sound, “89 million CDs were purchased in all of 2017” and paled in comparison to 800 million in 2001. The drop in popularity for the format has already caused a shift in how each store carries inventory, with Target only handling a limited selection compared to nearly 800 titles at its height according to Billboard. Best Buy, on the other hand, will get rid of CDs altogether by July 2018:

At one point, Best Buy was the most power music merchandiser in the U.S., but nowadays its a shadow of its former self, with a reduced and shoddy offering of CDs. Sources suggest that the company’s CD business is nowadays only generating about $40 million annually. While it says it’s planning to pull out CDs, Best Buy will continue to carry vinyl for the next two years, keeping a commitment it made to vendors. The vinyl will now be merchandised with the turntables, sources suggest.

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