Remembering The Best Concerts Of 2017

12.14.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

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Of course we weren’t at every concert in 2017. But between the members of the Uproxx staff, we were at a lot of them and saw a good portion of the acts we regularly cover. From the massive festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza to tour launches everywhere from California to Maine, we were out there experiencing music at its loudest and most visceral. As the way we consume music shifts on yearly basis, concerts remain a constant, whether you are going just a couple times a year or many times a week. Below you’ll find a rundown of performances that stood out from the pack. Some might have felt important to music as a whole, while others just felt important to the people present. But they were all special reminders of why we love music in the first place.

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