The Best Hip-Hop Videos Of 2019 So Far

06.03.19 3 months ago
best hip hop videos of 2019

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Thank goodness that streaming hasn’t yet done to music videos what music videos did to radio stars — that’s a reference, folks — because hip-hop has generated some of the genre’s most fun videos of the digital era yet. While a big-budget clip looks a lot different than it did around the time MTV became a cultural mainstay — even the definition of a “big” budget has changed — the creativity that many of today’s artists have put behind their videos could put even Puff Daddy’s legendarily glossy (and expensive) visuals to shame. Here are some of 2019’s best hip-hop videos so far.

Runner-Up: Zach Fox & Kenny Beats — “Square Up”

Look here. If this video doesn’t crack you up, your funny bone is broken.

10. Tyga — “Girls Have Fun”

Sure, the “rapper throws a pool party in the hills with dozens of gorgeous models” concept is a little generic, but no one does it as well as Tyga. The song is inescapably catchy and will likely be the soundtrack of a few of your own day parties this summer, Tyga is as charismatic as he’s ever been since his 2018 resurgence, and even the cinematography is stunningly clear. If you’re going to use a played-out treatment, at least set the standard for it — and that’s exactly what Tyga does here.

9. Juice WRLD — “Robbery”

Talk about drama. Juice WRLD’s Cole Bennett-directed “Robbery” video opens with burning trees and a goth wedding, complete with a funereal dress code, black roses in the bride’s bouquet, and a blitzed-off-Hennessey Juice WRLD. The reveal of Juice as an unwanted crasher just highlights the emo sensibilities of the middle school heartbreak anthem as well as his Death Race For Love album. There’s a literal Death Cab for Juice — you just have to admire the commitment to the theme and good luck getting this one out of your head after you watch it.

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