How To Quit Working For Taiwanese Animators Via Interpretive Dance To Kanye West’s ‘Gone’

Marina Shifrin has had enough of her boss at her news video company demanding quantity over quality. To prove her point in the most public of forums she made this video of her interpretive dancing to Kanye West’s “Gone” at 4AM in her office as text overlay explains her dilemma. Oh, she also quits.

At first blush the whole thing toggles between ballsy and ill-advised, but things start making a little more sense when you realize Marina worked for web famous Taiwanese animators, Next Media Animation, in Taipei, churning out nonsensical copy in immediate reaction to the latest pop culture non-story so their animators could hastily slap the thing up on YouTube. Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a gig all that difficult to quit via suck it dancing video.

Via Reddit