Celebrate Twitter’s Birthday By Following These 10 Musicians Who’ve Mastered The Medium

Twitter Goes Public On The New York Stock Exchange
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Ah, Twitter. You keep us company throughout the hours of the day, offering important news and viral videos instantly. You also keep us in touch with the people that matter most to us: musicians. This is one of the things that Twitter has become known for — helping us connect with people in ways we never would’ve thought we could, especially with certain artists that we cannot get enough of. So, to celebrate Twitter’s birthday and the fact that it helps us feel a little bit closer to our favorite artists, here are 10 standout music Twitter accounts you should be following.

Lil B

Of course the Based God is one of the best artists on Twitter. Most days he’s offering words of wisdom and encouragement to the many people that follow him. But other days you may catch him projecting his curse onto an athlete that doesn’t pay homage to his infamous cooking dance, or even shouting out certain politicians for simply being based (looking at you, Wendy Davis). Lil B’s Twitter is a digital source of positivity, so important that someday all of them will probably be put into a book that’ll be on display at the Smithsonian. #TYBG.

Taylor Swift

Sure, at the moment her Twitter is nothing but retweets, but it’s a testament to Taylor Swift’s ever-growing popularity. She’ll post pictures from her fans, shoutout friends and peers such as Kendrick Lamar and Lorde, and even talk about how her mom can’t understand her lyrics sometimes. There’s no blank spaces on Swift’s Twitter — just pure fun.


Most times random but absolutely enjoyable nonetheless, Grimes’ Twitter feels like Tumblr. Recently, it’s been a space to talk about Game Of Thrones and Rihanna’s “BBHMM” music video. But you also get golden moments like the one below, where Grimes says that nu metal is her soul music. If that isn’t an MVP tweet, then we don’t know what is. There are also great music recommendations, which spans from stuff in the United States to other countries.

St. Vincent

Great jokes, references to DJ Screw and so much more, St. Vincent’s Twitter isn’t too busy, but when she tweets it’s often worthwhile. Where most rock acts just promote and rarely offer any sort of identity through their Twitter, St. Vincent balances both, letting us know how she feels about police brutality one moment, and unveiling another guitar-driven banger the next.

Erykah Badu

The best part of Erykah Badu’s Twitter might be the interaction. She responds to fans, shouts out moms and retweets fan art. She also doesn’t mind making fun of herself, using GIFs of her performances for jokes and other stuff. Plus, she spits knowledge.


Like his music, Diplo’s Twitter is nothing but a party. Selfies, women, photoshopped pictures, pictures from previous performances ,and ironic tweets, when you step foot into Diplo’s 140-characters-or-less realm, you will see and experience a lot.

Jaden Smith

We’ve already covered young Jaden’s Twitter prowess in the past, but no list of best musician tweets would be complete without him.

Ezra Koenig

The Vampire Weekend singer is an utter Twitter weirdo. He’s full of irreverent wisdom on topics like fashion, love, class, and philosophy – so basically, his Twitter is like his lyrics, except much funnier. He’s also the selfie god.


Her Twitter is a mess of her activism, her personal life, her thoughts, lots of emojis, and little regard for grammar or spelling. It’s almost like she tweets in haiku form most of the time, even though we’re not entirely sure that’s intentional.


Since Run The Jewels elevated him to a higher level of recognition, El-P’s Twitter game has taken a step up, too. He engages with fans regularly, both when they deserve a retweet of support/endorsement or a snarky smackdown. He can be very funny, but he’s also outspoken on serious subjects when the occasion calls for it.