The Pulse: Stream This Week’s Best New Albums From Taylor Swift, Kamaiyah, And More

The Pulse is the Uproxx Music guide to the best new albums, mixtapes, and other music releases that matter this week.

For months now, Reputation has felt like tomorrow: It’s always on its way, but it never actually arrives. Well, today is the day, and Taylor Swift’s hotly anticipated sixth album is here. This week also saw new releases from an old alternative rock favorite, an XXL Freshman pick, and others.

Taylor Swift — Reputation

We’ve already been talking about this one for many moons, and that’s been without having even heard most of it. There’s still the Future and Ed Sheeran-featuring “End Game” to endlessly dissect, among others! (It’s important to note that this one famously isn’t streaming yet, but you can buy it in stores or on iTunes now. The singles are all online, though.)

Kamaiyah — Before I Wake

It’s been a rough year for Kamaiyah, whose upcoming album keeps getting delayed and whose brother passed away after a battle with cancer. All this had led to her feeling “creatively trapped,” to which she’s now responded by deciding “to take initiative by recording and putting together music for my fans all on my own because I felt it was time.”

Gun Outfit — Out Of Range

Press materials for Gun Outfit’s new record throw around terms like “Orphic-Gnostic suicide drive” and “the denouement of the decaying American dream,” but on its surface, this rambling, psychedelic record feels less fancy than that. It’s vintage Americana, it’s a bit out there, and it’s a lot of fun.

Whitney — Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings

For a demos collection, this new Whitney release sounds pretty polished, basically as much as the group’s excellent 2016 debut album Light Upon The Lake. That take is based solely on the teaser single “You And Me,” which features all the lo-fi soulful folk charm this indie delight of a band has become known for.

Yung Lean — Stranger

The Swedish rapper has become less oddball hip-hop curiosity and more a legitimate player over the years, and the 21-year-old is already on his third album, which is led by hazy tracks like “Metallic Intuition.”

Cam’ron — The Program

Cam’ron’s amazing “A Thousand Miles” cover isn’t on this release, which is obviously a big strike against it. Still, there’s enough to get excited about here, including guest spots from Don Q, Sen City, Mimi, and others. Check out our look at New York hip-hop in 2017 here.

Empire Of The Sun — On Our Way Home

The sun rising and setting every day isn’t a surprise, but what is is this new EP from Empire Of The Sun, which was announced yesterday and is out now. The release is centered around different versions of “Way To Go,” a funky and propulsive track with neo-disco vibes and a driving bass line that’s a ton of fun.

Angel Olsen — Phases

There’s a certain intimacy to demos that more polished studio releases often can’t achieve, which makes this new compilation from Angel Olsen exciting. That’s especially true of “Sans,” a haunting number that takes you away with only her vocals and a guitar.