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Sometimes the music is only half the story. Would Michael Jackson’s immortal pop ballad “Thriller” have been the runaway success it was at the dawn of MTV if not for the extended video filled with zombies, werewolves, and Vincent Price? Probably not. Though MTV’s clout has diminished significantly in subsequent decades, artists are still releasing videos at a stunning clip, sharing them on Youtube, Vevo, and pretty much every streaming service out there.

Videos not only offer another side of the person making the music, but also of the music itself, adding in context clues and visual cues that enrich the sonic material. They can also be fun, funny, weird, and shocking. Collected below are some of the most interesting and compelling videos released over the last week.

5. DJ Snake — “Taki Taki”

DJ Snake is cool and everything, but it’s the appearance of two of the fiercest women in pop music today that really makes his “Taki Taki” video pop. Against a backdrop of simmering volcanos and lush green jungles, Cardi B and Selena Gomez both gamely reprise their guest verses on the song, lending both the track and the video a substantial amount of intrigue and ferocity. The random dude wearing a mask that makes him look like Kabal from Mortal Kombat is also a pretty cool touch.

4. Kurt Vile — “One Trick Ponies”

Kurt Vile makes some of the best, hazy rock music around these days, so it only makes sense that his music videos capture a similar sort of vibe. “One Trick Ponies” is a pretty simple clip, featuring a double-headed Vile walking around in a field somewhere, while the lyrics to the song bounce around underneath him. It’s quaint but in a decidedly good way.

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