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05.20.19 3 months ago

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Rejoice, for she has returned!

Technically, that could be about any one of our pop queens this week. Carly Rae Jepsen released her long-awaited follow-up to Emotion, the fantastic Dedicated. Halsey, who is still tearing up the charts with “Without Me,” dropped her first new single of 2019, “Nightmare.” Charli XCX promised us a new album sometime this year, and while “Blame It On Your Love” is just one single, it’s a great sample of what’s to come.

Every week, Uproxx will round out the best new pop releases of the last seven days. Listen up.

Kim Petras, “Sweet Spot”

Kim Petras has been releasing new singles at a breakneck Tierra Whack pace. Her fourth new track in as many weeks, “Sweet Spot” is a bass-heavy dance anthem. “Sweet Spot” borrows from disco and Euro-dance, a different vibe from the more hip-hop-inspired sound Petras has been embracing in this new era. But Petras is the queen of pop versatility, and “Sweet Spot” is a fresh and intoxicating Song Of The Summer contender.

Charli XCX, Feat. Lizzo, “Blame It On Your Love”

“Track 10” was a perfect song to begin with, and arguably Charli XCX had no reason to touch the song again. But while “Blame It On Your Love” shares some hooks and lyrics with its Pop 2 sister, it’s also a song worth appreciating on its own. Charli XCX is a master at weirdo electro-pop and more mainstream dance hits, and she courts the latter with “Blame It On Your Love.” It’s straightforward and fun, and while Lizzo‘s eight bars feel like eight seconds, her feature is still killer. Charli has said that she hopes to release an album later this year. “Blame It On Your Love” might sound like an anomaly for fans who dig her artier Pop 2 stuff, but it’s also a reminder of the breadth of her pop talents.

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