Ranking The Best Opening Tracks Off Debut Albums

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First impressions are important in all aspects of life; you can never quite forget how you felt about someone the first time you met them. The same holds true for music; there’s something about being absolutely blown away by a band on the first listen that just sticks with you permanently, even as your music tastes evolve. With that in mind, we’re looking at the best opening tracks off of debut albums. These songs were, effectively, how these bands and artists introduced themselves to the world, and in these instances, they made a huge impact right away.

10. Fountains Of Wayne – “Radiation Vibe”
Album It Opens: Fountains Of Wayne

This power-pop act is best known for their lone top 40 hit, 2003’s “Stacy Mom,” but the truth is, they were writing impossibly catchy songs throughout their career. The lead track off their self-titled debut is a fine example, as it features a memorable hook, and a chorus that sticks with you for days. Chris Collingwood’s chant of “Shine on / Shine on / Shiiiine oooooonnnnnn” just seems more perfect every time you hear it.

9. Oasis – “Rock ‘N Roll Star”
Album It Opens: Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe has a ton of classic tracks on it, but don’t sleep on the opener, which essentially acts as the band’s mission statement. While Oasis’s biggest hits tended to be their ballads, this song is a fine example of how killer they could when they rocked out. When we consider the band’s legacy, Liam Gallagher’s audacious delivery of “Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiight / I’m a rock ‘n roll star” is a perfect representation of their glorious arrogance.

8. Weezer – “My Name Is Jonas”
Album It Opens: The Blue Album

This was another tough one because, with the possible exception of “Holiday,” pretty much every track on The Blue Album is a masterpiece. That being said, if you’ve never chanted “THE WORKERS ARE GOING HOME!” at the top of your lungs, you’ve never truly lived.

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