The BeyHive Is Furious After Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Was Shut Out Of The Emmys

What happens when Beyonce gets snubbed at the 2016 Emmy Awards? The entirety of Beyonce Twitter, lovingly known as the #BeyHive, completely melts down, that’s what.

Beyonce, who was up for four Emmys this year for her HBO-special visual album, Lemonade, walked away with zero Emmy Awards. Zero. Rumors of a surprise performance by Beyonce at the Emmys didn’t materialize, either. The real moment of clarity for the #BeyHive was when Laverne Cox took the stage to present an award that everyone thought Beyonce would have in the bag, only to call out the names of the directors of Grease Live, Thomas Kail and Alex Rudzinski. That really seemed like the breaking point for most.

As you can imagine, the Kanye jokes are flowing like boxed wine in the saddest possible party in history.

Most of Beyonce’s fans have seemingly taken solace in the fact that, well, she is actually Beyonce, afterall. That counts for a whole lot. Awards haven’t always aligned with what is popular and Beyonce is popular than just about anything else in the world right now.

There’s been nothing from Beyonce since the loss, but really, she doesn’t need to say anything, does she? There’s a whole army out there willing to speak up for her.