A Mischievous Interruption From Beyonce Was The Best Moment Of Chance The Rapper’s Life

While conducting an interview back stage at the VMAs, Chicago rapper/critical darling Chance the Rapper got some surprise sugar from Auntie Yonce. Even with all of his own well-earned fame and accolades, the Coloring Book rapper reacted as many of us would — with a mix of disbelief blending into pure euphoria.

Beyonce’s reaction is worth noting too. She is one of the most famous people on Earth, which affords her a lot of things — millions of dollars, a legion of adoring fans who will do her bidding in a blink of her perfectly mascaraed eye, and status as a standard setting symbol of sexuality, power, agency, and beauty. Which she doesn’t have is the ability to sneak up on anyone.

The glint of mischief in her eyes as she gave the unsuspecting Chance a squeeze mid interview, before walking quietly away was almost as hilarious as watching a 23-year-old man eyes light up like a small child who caught Santa Claus leaving presents under the tree.

Even though Beyonce came to slay, and Chance came to play on a stage usually reserved for major label stars, both world famous acts reminded us that they’re still just regular people who have fun and fan out just like the rest of us.