Beyonce’s Coachella Performance Was Already Going To Be Amazing, Now It Could Be Legendary

Earlier today Beyonce announced that not only is she pregnant, but that she’s going to be having twins. The world is already rejoicing over the new Bey-Z twins, and it’s all kind of surreal, and hilarious that this news comes just after we found out that Beyonce is going to be performing at Coachella for the first time. Oh wait, how is she going to perform in four months if she’s already a couple months pregnant… and not just with one baby, but two?

According to TMZ, Coachella officials were not privy to her pregnancy — not that they should be because it not really any of their business — and many immediately questioned whether or not Bey would make it to the stage in April. Being the woman who proclaimed she was “strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business” on the first single following up her last pregnancy, it’s likely she hits the stage in some shape or form, and that could be one of the most powerful moments of 2017.

Making estimations about Beyonce’s pregnancy is obviously a fool’s errand. Every woman carries different, every woman shows different and every pregnancy is unique. Add the fact that she’s carrying twins, and any guess about how far along she is, or how long she will carry is foolish and not even worth the time. So, we don’t really have the facts necessary to gauge what her condition will be come mid-April.

Whatever the case, Beyonce will either be carrying two children in her womb as she hits the stage at Coachella, or will have recently birthed two children, and either scenario carries it’s own set of physical complications when it comes strenuous activity, but it seems unlikely that either scenario will limit her from appearing in some form.

For some, Beyonce performing while pregnant would be quite the achievement, but could also be a powerful gesture toward honoring motherhood. Doubting Beyonce is as foolish as eyeballing one picture and guessing just how far along she is in her pregnancy, so while AEG Live reportedly had no idea she was pregnant, they’re right to believe “the show will go on.”

As an artist and woman who likes to make proud statements about her feminism and power as a woman, there may be no greater opportunity. Plus, it’s not like it’s the first time she’s performed while pregnant. She, of course, used the 2011 MTV VMAs as her stage to reveal her first pregnancy.

As long as she’s medically cleared, it’s probable Beyonce will indeed still take the stage at Coachella. She rarely cancels performances, regardless of the circumstances, and has long branded herself a superwoman who can do it all… so maybe this is the perfect opportunity for her to further push that idea onto the consciousness of the public.

With all of the iconography that went into her photo announcement of her pregnancy, and the precision with which she runs her life in general, there’s no doubt she and her team have run through all the options when it comes to how they might achieve a fully pregnant Beyonce performance. That’s the kind of moment that would go down in history books, and shore up her already legendary status. Since we’re all still speculating off one Instagram photo — and we have no idea when it was even taken — we’ll still have to wait and see. But don’t worry, Beyonce isn’t likely to leave us hanging for long.