Here’s What A Stunning Beyoncé Thinks Of Her Competition, Social Media, And More


It’s been nearly two years since Beyonce changed the entire music game with her self-titled album. The release landed on iTunes with no warning, no pre- or post-release press run, and still sold a sh*tillion amount of records on its first day, proving just how powerful Beyonce really is. So, despite not having any competition, it’s still “middle finger” to her peers, as she revealed during a simple word association game for Flaunt magazine.

Baddie Bey decided to do things a little different from her Vogue feature, where she didn’t bother giving an interview at all. Rather than keeping mum, Bey shared her one-worded thoughts on talent, celebrities, social media and other things worth talking about.

Talent – Dependable
Beauty – Transparent
Politeness – Underrated
Equality – Empathy
Competition – Middle Finger
Overpopulated – My Hair Closet
Power – Heavy
Influential – Vision
Celebrities – Bi-polar
Polluted – Social Media

I like the ironic part of the third most followed woman on Instagram thinking social media is polluted. So delicious!

(Via Flaunt)