Beyonce Tore Out An Earring At A Concert And The BeyHive Is Reportedly Responding By Cutting Their Ears

In a concerning act of solidarity over an accidental injury, Beyonce’s fans have taken to Twitter to #CutForBeyonce and #BleedForBeyonce after the performer pulled an earring out at Tidal’s latest charity concert.

Here’s the moment Bey realized she had a small cut on her ear:

Multiple hashtags have surfaced, and trolls (or people that need to seek help immediately) are posting pictures of themselves cutting their ears in addition to pictures of them cutting their arms. These pictures are extremely graphic and worrying (some look to be taken off the internet in a troll move, but if even one is real, that’s no good).

We’ll add one, not-so-graphic photo because the vast majority of them are horrifying.

Of course, most fans know this is completely ridiculous and dangerous, and they’re speaking out against this strange movement (that is likely a troll job):

Hopefully, not a single one of these instances are real, as it would take a major cult of personality to move someone to self-mutilation. In addition, the #CutForBeyonce and #BleedForBeyonce hashtags have popped up multiple times over the years, specifically when fans think she was robbed of an award. The earliest the #BleedForBeyonce hashtag appeared was 2013, while #CutForBeyonce was posted in 2014.

(Via Consequence of Sound)