Of Course The Beyhive Is Ecstatically Getting Into Formation After Beyonce Shared A Picture Of Her Twins

Beyonce finally shared a picture of her twins Rumi and Sir Carter for the world to see, and of course her fans are losing it. That much was to be expected, and on Twitter there were no shortage of snatched wigs and lives given by the mere sight of the twins and the return of Beyonce to social media.

Like always, she kept a tight lid on her business in the month since the twins were born, and released the photo herself, directly to the world. The photo quickly amassed a million likes in less than 30 minutes on Instagram, and that fueled a swell of social media activity even in the middle of the night. So yeah, Beyonce moves the needle and does that thing where it goes past the meter and breaks the whole contraption whenever she decides to bless the world with her presence.

The photo is sure to launch itself into the top five most liked Instagram pictures shortly, if it doesn’t claim the outright No. 1 spot, and the immediate reaction has been a mix of elation, getting in formation, flipping out on those who aren’t in formation and real, actual crying at the brief peak at the new Carter children.