What Is Beyoncé Doing Shooting Video In The Superdome?

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12.22.15 2 Comments

There are always constant rumors of a Beyoncé album/song/video or some pending release, in part because she’s Beyoncé and because she was one of the first to drop the “surprise album” back in 2013. With her history, and ability to hide 20 songs and videos from the world, the #BeyHive always feels like there’s something lurking just waiting to be released.

So, here we are, just over two years exactly from the surprise release of Beyonce, and her hive has unearthed some Zapruder-style footage of Bey maybe shooting a video in the New Orleans Saints’ home of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

From the looks of it, two Superdome employees just so happened to be in the building when Beyoncé and Jay Z shut the whole thing down to shoot a video, or something. Really, she could be shooting anything: a promo video for the NFL in the same building where she literally knocked the lights out with her Super Bowl performance (and she’s been rumored to join Coldplay for the event next year), a regular ol’ music video, one of those videos that play at concerts or, because she’s Beyonce, some high-budget “Happy Birthday” video for Blue’s birthday next month. Everything is in play because, Beyoncé.

It wasn’t long before the employees and everybody else who wasn’t there on Bey’s watch were told to leave the building, so until she releases whatever this is, we really have no clue. Well, at least until the all-seeing #BeyHive sleuths inform us all.

Update: We can confirm that yes, Beyonce is indeed shooting a new music video. Red alert folks, #BeyonceSeason is upon us.

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