Beyoncé Holds Press Conference To Prove Screw You, She Can Sing The National Anthem

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01.31.13 6 Comments

THIS JUST IN BREAKING NEWS TAKE OFF YOUR SOCKS NOW ‘CAUSE THIS IS GONNA ROCK THEM: Beyoncé is a good singer. Earlier today, the most destined of children held a press conference in New Orleans, where she’ll soon perform during the Super Bowl halftime show, to quiet her inauguration haters. After asking the assembled press to “stand up,” she belted out a NOT LIP-SYNCED version of the National Anthem, before later answering questions about the controversy and whether she’ll be singing live on Sunday. (She will.)

Also, from a Denmark reporter, about the color of her toothbrush. She thinks it’s yellow and blue. #illuminati

(Via Gawker)

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