Beyonce Explains The Unstoppable Force That Powers Her Through Any Pain

Get into Queen Mother Beyonce Giselle Knowles of Houston, Texas, providing you with the inspiration and motivation to get in formation. Bey just unveiled her new ad for Ivy Park’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection and, like the one before it, it’s all about how the virtuoso supernova remains the hardest working woman in showbiz.

The ad provides another controlled peak into Beyonce’s guarded life as she narrates about “stretching her body out like the horizon” while mixing in quick scenes of her back-bending and learning strenuous new dance routines in her athleisure gear. We also get shots of her beautiful family when Bey explains just how she’s able to mentally push all the way through when her body wants to quit on her like the OG members of Destiny’s Child.

“Even when my throat is burning, my lungs feel like they’re drowning, sweat is stinging my eyes and my feet feel like they’re explode, when I’m about to give up, I picture that one person I love more than anyone. I picture them, wherever they are in the world, and I imagine myself running towards them. I push past the pain and I find love.

There you have it. Love! It not only makes the world go round but it also keeps the Beyonce machine running flawlessly.