Beyoncé Had A Lawsuit Against Her Dismissed Because One Of Her Songs Wasn’t Sexy Enough

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As detailed in a report by TMZ, Beyoncé was somehow involved in a lawsuit – even though I think there’s a law against suing a reigning queen – that alleged her song “XO” was a rip-off of a song by an artist named Javon called “XOXO.” That case was dismissed for a reason you’ll likely never hear again: Beyoncé just wasn’t sexy enough.

The federal judge who dismissed the case said “XOXO” was far too raunchy, featuring “explicitly sexual” lyrics, where “XO” is more focused on ideas of romantic love. (He also added that the songs are in no way similar musically or lyrically, but where’s the fun in that story?)

Listen to the two songs below and see if you agree with the decision:

Now we can get back to the real controversy: How old is Beyoncé, exactly?

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(Via TMZ)

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