Beyoncé Might Possibly, Maybe, Could Be Pregnant (But Who Knows?)

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Get ready for cannons to blare, and mountains to crumble, and seas to roar as the internet will collapse upon itself for the sheer possibility of something: Beyoncé MIGHT be pregnant again. Of course, this is purely speculative, and nothing is to be trusted unless you see two forms of government ID, but this is the word on the street from ET Online. They claim that when the “Drunk in Love” singer touched down in her helicopter in New York earlier this week, she was covering her belly in a very covert fashion while *gasp* wearing a loose-fitting maxi dress!

Now, again, we must remind you that this could possibly mean absolutely nothing. We don’t want to be one of those places that gins up these kinds of rumors for no good reason other than selfish gain. But OK! Magazine also touched on pregnancy rumors recently while alleging that Bey and Jay Z were trying to conceive via in-vitro fertilization. ET also says that her announcement could line up well with an MTV Video Music Awards announcement like her first child, but she’s not even scheduled to appear at the show, at least as of yet.

So, let’s just calm down for a moment. The second addition to the American royal family may or may not be on the way, but let’s not go too crazy. Besides, we’ve already had big news this week about little things bursting out of crotches.

(Via ET)