Beyonce’s Anniversary Instagram Video Doubles As A Kiss-Off To Surrogate Truthers

Today was Beyonce and Jay Z’s ninth anniversary of marriage, and Beyonce took to her platform of choice, Instagram, to both ring in the occasion and reveal a bit to fans about her current condition. Which is, of course,very, very pregnant. Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins, which will make the Carter-Knowles family much bigger in size, and she seems to be feeling pretty nostalgic about the whole thing.

In this brief Instagram clip, Bey has posted some throwback footage, along with what looks to be current footage of her massive belly — shout out surrogate truthers we see you — and even included the moment her and Jay got their matching tattoos. Clearly, Beyonce is happier than ever in her current relationship, despite whatever truth there was to last year’s culture-defining meditation on infidelity, Lemonade, and her social posts today (along with her mom’s) couldn’t be more supportive of that fact.

Plus, this footage hammers home the fact that she is physically pregnant with her own children, something that internet commenters have fixated on since her incredible comeback from her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Well, there’s plenty of footage here from that moment, too, to drive the point home. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay. Watch below.