Beyonce Rocked A Phone-Charging Jacket To A Basketball Game

Few can deny that Beyonce has sort of transcended the whole pop star thing. She is more of an icon now, and for proof of this, look no further than the buzz she created just by wearing this (admittedly badass) Morphie Unisex Jacket that also charges your phone. You know the woman is incredibly hard working and always making things happen, so it makes sense she can’t live without a charged phone at all times. The coat has been making the rounds in pop culture in the last few months but seemed to hit an apex when Beyonce wore it to a recent basketball game.

From MTV:

The black and gold jacket, which is a big hit with everyone from Jessica Alba to Rihanna, is hands down the most stylish phone charger we’ve ever seen.

Let’s be honest for a second, though. Beyonce could use a hand crank to charge her phone and it would still look pretty badass. She is Beyonce, after all.