Beyonce’s Dazzling Underwater Pregnancy Photos Are Out Of This World

Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby rush continues as the singer shared even more pics of growing bump plus a touching poem on Thursday morning. The latest set of pics comes shortly after the Carters announced on Wednesday they were expecting twins, news that sent the internet into a tizzy. The Instagram pic alone instantly became the most liked post in Instagram history after it garnered 2.4 million likes and 166,000 comments within the first hour and topped 6.4 million likes and over 339,000 comments in less than eight hours after it was posted. We don’t know if she’ll still be performing at Coachella or not, but that first photo alone was so full of iconography it belongs in a museum.

Now, we have a trove of even more incredible, dazzling photos of pregnant Bey from a shoot with multimedia artist Awol Erizku, and plenty of photos from the Carter family’s past. The photoset captures the singer in different looks, including one where she’s completely naked and already in full pregnant glow. Blue Ivy is also included in a shot where she’s kissing her mother’s belly and it’s enough to melt the heart. These shots are so revealing that any surrogate conspiracy theorists won’t have a leg to stand on this time around, particularly given a timeframe shot-by-shot photo Beyonce shared of her pregnancy with Blue that marks each month with a corresponding picture of her belly.

The world’s famous expectant mother also shared another poem titled I Have Three Hearts, by Warsan Shire, which describes the range of emotions and anticipation she has inside as she awaits the arrival of the new additions to the Carter household. Previously, Beyonce worked many snippets of Shire’s work into her visual album Lemonade.

Check out the massive cache of photos over at Beyonce’s official site and read the full text of poem below.

I Have Three Hearts
mother is a cocoon where
cells spark, limbs form, mother
swells and stretches to protect her
child, mother has one foot in this world
and one foot in the next,
mother, black venus

i look at photographs of my mother
when she was pregnant with me,
does she feel how i feel now?

venus falls in love,
flowers grow wherever
love touches her, this
is how she is reborn

girl turning into woman
woman turning into mother
mother turning into venus

i’m watching life inside me grow;
there’s life growing inside of me
and i’m beside myself with dream.s

was it your voice i heard? you speak to me
from inside me,

i have three hearts.

in the dream i am crowning
and yemoja
pray around my bed

i can smell jasmine
i wake up as someone
places a wreath
upon my head.

venus has flooded me,
second planet from the sun,
i wake up on her foamy shore.

she wants to take me to meet my children
i’ve done this before i’m still nervous.