Beyoncé’s ‘National Anthem’ Scandal Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.27.13 2 Comments

It’s been nearly a week since Beyoncé did or didn’t sing the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration, not breaking the hearts of Republicans everywhere, and still the worst Bey-related “scandal” since she and Kelly Rowland were involved in The Mystery of The Missing rages on. Last night, Beyoncé posted a photo on her Instagram in which she can be seen wearing a “Can I live?” and “What? Me worry” impression.

The fine folks at Bad Lip Reading have added their spin to the story, with “La Fway,” and while it’s very funny, now I’m disappointed that she DIDN’T say f*ck this noise and change the Anthem lyrics to, “My dog, you can’t see him/Put your mouth next to me/All night, I scratched your pig.”

(Via Clip Nation)

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