Big Boi, Killer Mike And Jeezy And Jeezy Stunt In Wildly Different Ways In ‘Kill Jill’

Big Boi, Jeezy and Killer Mike are all from Atlanta and they’re all rich. What they choose to do with that wealth is where they differ, as we can see in Big Boi‘s opulent new video for “Kill Jill.”

Killer Mike kicks things off with the simplest flaunting. He’s just hanging out in a parking lot with some women. But his car is nice and clean. It’s classic and none too flashy. Trust that this doesn’t last.

Jeezy comes barging into the track next, stunting in some sort of geisha dungeon. He barks in his unmistakable gravel gargling voice, getting his suit lintbrushed by a dominatrix while dancers in paddy hats put on a show. I like to think this is just a shot of Jeezy in his living room. It’s over-the-top but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

Big Boi barrels in at the end of the song sitting bolt upright on a gold throne and decked out in medieval attire. There’s also a lion. It’s wild and it reminds the viewer that this is still Big Boi’s song, regardless of the impressive displays that came before him. Give it a watch up top.

Big Boi’s new album Boomiverse is out June 16.