Big Freedia's 'Booty Battle' Game Is Just The Thing You Need To Piss Your Workday Away

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Big Freedia around here. It’s also no secret that our main purpose in life is helping you d*ck off at work. So we’d be pretty much going against everything we believe in if we didn’t share this with you.

In Big Freedia’s “Booty Battle” presented by Vice, players use arrow keys to make their characters’ booties bounce to the beat. When a character bends over and touches her toes in true shaker fashion, phrases such as “Booty Whop!” and “Azz Azz Azz!” flash across the screen. More importantly, Big Freedia’s “Booty Battle” opens with four twerkers of different shades, proving that pounching isn’t in your color, but is instead in your culo.

In case you didn’t know, a “twerker” is one who booty dances. Furiously.

Well what are you waiting for? Your workday isn’t going to whittle itself away on its own! Have fun. Y’all get back now…

(HT: Gambit)