Some ‘Big Name Musicians’ Are Canceling Their SeaWorld Gigs Because Of ‘Blackfish’

One of SeaWorld’s biggest annual draws is the food and concert series “Brew & Barbecue” each February, as the theme park welcomes your favorite music acts of the 1970s, 80s and 90s to capitalize on our love of charred meat and pop culture nostalgia. Among the acts that were lined up for the 2014 series were Heart, the Barenaked Ladies and Willie Nelson, but you can put the emphasis on “were” because all of those bands and musicians have bailed on their shows.

The reason? The documentary Blackfish is making people change their minds about supporting SeaWorld, and heads are finally starting to turn because of these “Big Name Musicians” taking a stand against what the film purports is abuse to the killer whales in captivity at the Orlando park.

Naturally, SeaWorld officials are disappointed and disagree with the bands’ assessments.

SeaWorld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck said in a statement that marine park officials respect the performers’ decisions but added that they were disappointed that “a small group of misinformed individuals” was able to influence the performers.

“The bands and artists have a standing invitation to visit any of our parks to see firsthand or to speak to any of our animal experts to learn for themselves how we care for animals and how little truth there is to the allegations made by animal extremist groups opposed to the zoological display of marine mammals,” Gollattscheck said. (Via CBS Miami)

I have to be honest. When I first read this story, I thought that it was talking about the band Nelson, which is of course the greatest band in the history of the world, as “Love and Affection” is undeniably the most important song ever written, so I’m kind of relieved that I’m not going to miss out on seeing them in my own backyard.

But yeah, the whole thing about protecting the whales and doing what’s in their best interest is probably the most important part of this story.

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