Biggie’s Mom Voletta Wallace Says Kendall And Kylie ‘Wholeheartedly’ Apologized For Those Biggie T-Shirts

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been doing a lot of apologizing this summer. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the latest to continue the trend, this time apologizing to Voletta Wallace, the mother of Brooklyn rap icon Biggie Smalls. Wallace was on a panel for A&E’s upcoming Biggie documentary and was asked if the Jenners had apologized for using the slain rapper’s image for their shirt line without consent.

Ms. Wallace offered a definitive “yes,” noting that the Jenners reached out to her and apologized “wholeheartedly” for Kendall’s face being inexplicably superimposed over a photo of Biggie and Tupac. The shirts, which also had the Jenners’ faces invading iconic Pink Floyd and Metallica imagery, received a swift condemnation when they popped up in June, and Biggie’s mom made an Instagram post calling the shirt “disgusting” and ”exploitation at its worst.”

The controversial shirts flew off the racks, but apparently Ms. Wallace didn’t feel that justified their actions. The Jenner sisters issued a public apology after the incident, but it’s good to know they also gave Ms. Wallace a personal apology. She also admits asking them some undisclosed questions and getting answers. That conversation may have saved them some legal headaches; the Tupac estate sued them over the images, and the results of the lawsuit have yet to be determined.

From Pepsigate to Kim Kardashian being”naive” about Jeffree Star’s past racist remarks and everything else, the clan seems to wholeheartedly follow the “act and then apologize for the action” ethos. Props to Ms. Wallace for letting them know in this instance, they were dead wrong.