Bill Clinton Just Kinda Hung Out At Made In America With Beyonce And Jay Z

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Bill Clinton just seems like a guy who enjoys a good time. A good portion of his Presidency was all about establishing that Bill was just a guy who enjoyed a good time, be it playing the saxophone or running around DC. Of course, later on his “good times” would go on to define his run as president, but now that is in the past and he’s on the campaign trail for his wife, Hillary. While it’s already been established that current president Barack Obama has a pretty good relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, that doesn’t mean that ole’ Bill can’t, either.

On this day, Beyonce’s 35th birthday, she was celebrating at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia and guess who just kinda showed up and chilled around the fringes? Slick Willie himself, says Mashable. But he wasn’t there as a guest who got up and spoke or anything, he was just hanging out. Because that’s the kind of guy Bubba is, he just likes to hang out, to chill, ya know? Who doesn’t like to chill with Beyonce and Jay Z?

Social media caught the whole thing in all of its glory.

This doesn’t seem like a campaign stop considering that he didn’t get up on stage and say anything to promote his wife. He was just there and he just hung out. He’s still got it?

(Via Mashable)

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