Bill Murray Bought All The Tickets To A Steeldrivers Concert And Gave Them Away For Free

Last week, Bill Murray went to a Bluegrass concert in Charleston SC, bought every remaining ticket, and handed them out to the people waiting in line. from pics

Stories of Bill Murray popping up in unexpected places and doing awesome things are ubiquitous as this point, but that doesn’t make each and every one of them any less charming and wonderful. Case in point: Murray supposedly went to a The SteelDrivers (a bluegrass band that Chris Stapleton used to be in) concert in Charleston, South Carolina (where he lives) last week, bought every unsold ticket, and handed them out to fans waiting in line.

The only real evidence of this is a photo posted on Reddit that shows Murray standing in front of a box office holding what looks like a stack of tickets, and a commenter who chimed in and said it was most likely The SteelDrivers’ November 9 show at Charleston Music Hall.

This story actually makes sense, though, since Murray has been a fan of the band and of Stapleton for years now: The group appeared on the soundtrack of Murray’s 2009 movie Get Low (and got some screen time as well), and Stapleton posted a video in 2015 of Murray really getting into one of his concerts. Stapleton also previously talked about the time Murray showed up at a show of his in Charleston:

“He’s an enthusiastic music lover, so he really elevated the crowd. He’s a bit of a hype man. We hung out after the show, and it was very interesting.

We went to the place next door and stayed till it closed. I was drinking bourbon, I think he was drinking wine. The conversation ran the gamut — it was the kind of thing that could take a turn at any moment. He has a lot of interesting philosophies. If you can imagine a conversation with a compilation of all of those characters he’s played — from Caddyshack to Lost in Translation — then you can imagine a conversation with him.”

In recent days, Murray has also popped up on The Late Show, checked out the Groundhog Day musical, and crashed the ESPYs, because he does whatever he wants.