Billie Eilish Shares A Meticulous And Gentle New Track, ‘Come Out And Play’

On Zane Lowe’s World Record, indie pop superstar Billie Eilish shared her new single “Come Out And Play.” The song is tender and encouraging, a spotlight for Eilish’s soft, evocative voice. “Yeah, I know it makes you nervous / But I promise you, it’s worth it / To show ’em everything you kept inside / Don’t hide, don’t hide,” Eilish sings on a gently pattering beat. It’s a lovely message just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Eilish is only 16 years old, but she sounds like wise older sister here, encouraging the listener to come out of their shell and be proud of who they are.

“Come Out And Play” is featured in Apple’s ambitious “Share Your Gifts” ad campaign. Eilish’s song soundtracks the three-minute, holiday themed advertisement, where a Pixar-style animated girl plugs away at her laptop, working on a creative project that she hides away in a box. But a gust of wind blows her papers outside, and the girl chases the papers outside, anxious at what the people in the town below will think of her art. Everyone who catches the papers is moved, though, and it turns out Billie Eilish was right— it’s worth it to open up to others. “You’ll never know until you try it / You don’t have to keep it quiet.”

Listen to “Come Out And Play” below.

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