Billy Ray Cyrus Teamed With A Rapper And Some Naked Alien Ladies To Make ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Even Worse

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02.11.14 6 Comments

There is not enough space on the internet to list all the questions raised by this baffling hip-hop remix of Billy Ray Cyrus’ once-embarrassingly-popular smash hit “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Who is Buck 22, and why doesn’t he have so much as a Wikipedia page? Did Billy Ray just find him somewhere? Why is Billy Ray strumming his guitar when there is clearly no guitar being played? Who is the nice young man walking through makeshift-Mayberry with Billy Ray when they get sucked into that UFO? Where are the mothers of those alien ladies? How long does one have to know Billy Ray before they’re allowed to call him “BRC?” Why bring Muhammad Ali into this? Who held a gun to Larry King’s weird head while he filmed the intro? Where is Miley when her dad needs a calming influence and steady career guidance? And most importantly: WHY?!?!

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