Stop What You’re Doing And Look At This Bird’s Dabb

Dance trends move at warp-speed and have the life expectancy of a housefly. The dabb dance was long dead before Hillary Clinton, Roger Goodell and Jeb! Bush tried valiantly to recreate the move. At that point, they were merely a part of the parade of olds coming to throw dirt on the dance’s coffin. But we’d consider digging it back up for this bird because…well, just look at it.

Unfortunately, there are no Migos fans in the wild (Migos > Beetles?). This video came about when Twitter user Abe Roadman noticed that the mating dance of the Victoria’s Riflebird looked exactly like a dabb. Because he felt compelled to make the internet a bit more magical, he added Migos “Pipe It Up” to the footage of the Australian bird and created 17 seconds of pure joy. Roadman soon realized that the bird was not a Migos fan exclusively, he hits the dabb just as hard to Big Will.

I think that settles it. Tell everyone you know that the dabb is officially back but only for two people: this bird and Cam Newton (because angry, flustered, old people seeing imaginary hip thrusts is timeless and will never stop being funny).

(Via Noisey)