Birdman, Lil Wayne, And Juvenile Reunite For The First Time In Five Years For Their ‘Ride Dat’ Video

Birdman, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne made headlines when they reunited after a decade of feuding for “Ride Dat,” from Birdman and Juvenile’s upcoming mixtape, Just Another Gangsta 2. The new project follows up the first Just Another Gangsta from earlier this year and although they missed the initial projected release date of July 12, it seems they’re still sticking with the promotional rollout, dropping a neon-washed video for “Ride Dat,” the first to feature both Birdman and Lil Wayne in five years.

The video’s treatment is relatively straightforward, as is the content of the song. While the three former Cash Money millionaires issue smooth-talking come-ons in a standard performance scene, while the usual assortment of gorgeous models dance and flirt with the camera in a separate set of clips. The true attraction of the video is seeing Lil Wayne and Birdman performing together, business-bred animosity apparently forgotten — at least for the moment.

The story of the bad blood between the Like Father, Like Son rap duo is expansive, involving accusations that Birdman held back the release of Wayne’s fifth installment of Tha Carter until eventually releasing him from his record deal last year. It looks like all that may be behind them, which could mean that more nostalgic Hot Boyz-style music is on the way. Even if it isn’t, it’s hard to see money get in the way of genuine friendships, so it’s equally nice to see friendship win out in the end.

Just Another Gangsta 2 seems to be coming soon.